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website Questionnaire

Client input is the foundation on which successful websites are built. This questionnaire will help you articulate and identify the overall goals of your site redesign, including specific questions regarding message, audience, content, look and feel, and functionality.

Each key decision-maker should fill out his or her own questionnaire, answer each of the questions in a thorough but brief and clear manner, and add any additional notes or comments at the end of the questionnaire.
When finished, please email back.

1. Tell us about your business / organization.
2. Have you already purchased a domain name URL? For example, If not, check
to see if your desired domain is available.
3. How many pages do you roughly forecast for the website?
4. What is the goal of this website? What do you want the website to do for you company?
5. Do you want the website to be mobile and tablet friendly ( a design that scales based on the resolutions your users are having ) ?
6. Who are your competitors? Do your competitors use something on their site that you really like?
7. Do you require the site to have a CMS ( do you want to be able to manage your content with an admin panel ) ?
8. List 4 or more sites that you like. A few words about why you like them would be great!
9. Website Functionality

Identify the functional elements that are to be included in the site. Here are some of the features that you might want to specify for your site. Additional features can be entered in the field below.

Website Features
Search Function
Online Form(s)
Specific Calls to Actions
Shopping Cart / Ordering
Subscription to Newsletter
Downloadable Files
Multilingual Requirements
Printer-Friendly Functions
Animations and Videos
Social Media Integration
News and Media and/or Blog
User Login/Member Section
Third Party Integration
Website Feature (Additional)
10. Key Contacts

Please include contact details

Who is the main decision maker for approvals of cost, design etc.
Who will be responsible for the deliver of website content?
Who will be responsible for maintaining the website once complete?
Additional Comments