Social Media Optimization

When You Optimize Your Social Media You Create Brand Loyalty

Optimizing a Social Media presence is something that most business owners don’t fully understand, let alone have time for. A Facebook page and a Twitter account just won’t cut it. There’s just too much already out there! The Social Media Optimization (SMO) experts at Pepperweb provide the three main necessary items that are critical to an effective SMO campaign. These are; correct target audience contact, on-going posting of new and interesting material and real-time follow up of questions and comments. This is the primary reason why most SEO campaigns just don’t work. Because it can be labor and time intensive, it gets relegated to the ‘we’ll get around to it’ basket while would-be customers check on your social media site only to see the same information they saw the last time. Do you think they’ll recommend what they see to their relatives and friends?

Pepperweb's SMO team embraces new and cutting-edge technologies and optimization techniques while using the wealth of their own experience in order to create an imaginative approach that will get the attention of your target market.

The Benefits of working with a social media agency

  • A clear defined SMO campaign that we share with you
  • The correct creation of Social Media accounts and profile
  • Social Media Account management
  • Relevant and imaginative article writing
  • Relevant and imaginative blog writing
  • Forum posts and comments
  • Press Release writing and submission
  • Social Media Optimization results reports

You Need to be Where Your Target Audience Hangs Out

Promoting your business entails far more than just putting up advertising and hoping people click on your website when they need something. In the ‘real’ world, you talk about your business in every venue from business lectures to social get-togethers. Why would you not do this online? How many potential customers do you think are spending time on social websites? The number is endless and the best way to reach them is by having a presence in the same places where they like to spend time. This will give you the opportunity to have them refer you to family and online ‘friends’. For example, in many cases, the accumulation of online friends in Facebook can easily reach 500 or more! These are people that you may not have the opportunity to reach by way of traditional advertising. Let Pepperweb give your business a presence in; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Scribd, Flickr, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn and extend your advertising boundaries throughout the Internet!

Your Presence Needs to Be Where Your Target Demographics Are

If you're not currently participating in Social Media, then you are truly missing the boat when it comes to promoting your business! We will evaluate your business goals and have you achieve them in a logical and strategic progression. Pepperweb’s SMO staff only utilizes the best practices to have your company recognized on websites such as; Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Scribd and Flickr. We ensure that your presence on these sites is in keeping with your company’s image and objectives. Choose Pepperweb’s customized SMO services when you want an SMO service that is specifically tailored to the exact needs of your business.