Looking for a job?
Need new business partners?
Want to increase targeted traffic to your
professional profile or website?

keywords search

Linotron can help attract thousands of visitors to your Linkedin personal or company profile; just type the keywords matching your activity & let our software do the job for you!

automatic crawl

Just enter your email and password, Linotron will take care of the rest crawling all connections related to your keyword research.

complete privacy

Your details are encrypted stored safely in your license data files.

smart bot

Our algorithm will play with the combination of keywords you input to make sure it can crawl all the possible connections related to that keyword!

automatic viewing

After crawling the connections, the bot will automatically view one by one each connections sending notifications to all of them.

how does it work

Linotron crawls your profile, finds your related contacts & visits their related contacts.

People like to get many visits on their profile, what about you?

That's what Linotron does, it makes you more popular on Linkedin & people will reward you asking for a connection, because they'll be curious about you.

They will take advantage of your relations; you will take advantage of theirs. Even if you start small, the daily use of Linotron will dramatically increase your network in an exponential way!

a new approach

Aquiring new professional contacts may be very time-consuming & frustrating.

Here at Linotron, we believe there's a huge need for software that helps you
build relationships without hassle: benefit from your contacts relationships: The more contacts you get over time,
the more profiles Linotron will crawl for you.

user tips

Don't visit more than 2500 profiles a day
Run Linotron everyday
Choose appropriate keywords

change keywords on a daily basis
Don't input more than 4 keywords
100% complete your Linotron profile

boost your stats


Starting research
Sorting profiles
Relevant connections


1 Download, install & run Linotron
2 Type at least one keyword & hit "run"
3 Type at least one keyword & hit "run"